The Power of Culture
In Specialized Markets

Culture shapes people and people shape culture

In A Specialized Market, Culture Is Everything.

People in a specialized market actively participant in shaping the unique culture of that niche. People and niche culture are dynamic forces in a constant state of informing and shaping each other. CultDig’s qualitative research will put you at the intersection of those two powerful forces.

What does that mean for you? It’s a position that gives you the profound ability to understand what’s driving the behavior of consumers in a specialized market Do that, and you’ll always sense an upcoming shift in what they are looking for and why.

Specialized Market Territory Requires An Accurate Map.

What is a specialized market? Also known as a niche market, it’s a particular group of people looking for products that have unique features and characteristics for a solution to their needs.

How do you succeed when entering a new or unfamiliar niche territory? By using an accurate map. And where do you get that map? You don’t. You make it. It takes exploration and using discoveries to inform map accuracy. In other words, you have to think like pioneer. That’s where CultrDig comes in.

CultrDig Knows The Trick To Success In A Specialized Market.

Specialized markets can be tricky. They often require out-of-the-box thinking, inventive techniques, and novel approaches.

CultrDig believes in an identification approach to dig deep into a specialized market’s culture. We also look for signs of any shifts that will affect products in that niche. CultrDig’s does qualitative research that seeks to find out how and why people either cease or continue to identify with a specialized product. We unearth pivotal findings to inform insight for smart strategies, fresh thinking, and creative originality.