Never Underestimate
The Power of Culture

Culture shapes people and people shape culture.

In A Specialized Market, Culture Is Everything.

Specialized markets are dynamic cultures in motion and they inform each other. However, while culture can exist without a niche market, a niche market can’t exist without culture.  Culture is all about identification.  Understand how the people self-identify in a specialized market and you’ll know how to engage them. Be what a niche identifies with, and it will engage with you.

CultrDig uses an identification approach to dig deep into the culture of a specialty market. We unearth pivotal insight for building powerful strategy, create engagement, inform messaging, and establish authenticity.  You’ll also get the kind of insight that can inspire fresh thinking and creative originality.

Navigating Niche Territory Requires An Accurate Map

It’s hard to map out a game plan into a new niche market without accurate insight into the terrain. With an insightful map into the landscape of a specialized market, you can confidently plot a path to success. That’s because you ‘ll have the insight you need to make the right business decisions and guide your thinking for strategic marketing .

You’ll Be Surprised By What CultrDig Can Do

Specialized markets are unique and unusual. Which means they often require out-of-the-box thinking, inventive techniques, and novel approaches. Imagination is CultrDig’s sweet spot and we thrive off challenge. From study design to post fieldwork, Cultrdig provides a variety of qualitative services to meet your needs. Just want a screener or discussion guide?  Done.  Post study qualitative data analysis?   Done and done.  Or perhaps you’re looking for an expert in qualitative research to do an entire project for you. Done, done, and done.

CultrDig utilizes a range of best in class research tools to deliver outstanding findings and conclusions. Whether it’s coding, analyzing, or combining qualitative with quantitative data, we work with industry recognized software providers to yield impressive results.