Like many of us, my professional life journey led from one thing to another. I began as a Journalist, then on to writing magazine feature stories which evolved into fiction writing. Next stop was an ad agency copywriter, after that corporate marketing which led me to qualitative researcher. And now I’ve become a subcultural content writer. No, I don’t have ADD. The doors kept opening and I chose to walk through them into the next room. It’s because of an insatiatble curiousity. I wanted to know what was on the other side of the door.

I first began interested in subcultures during my work as a qualitative reacher. For those who don’t know what is a qualitate researcher, the simple explanation is we like to understand what makes people tick through gathering soft data versus hard data ( quantitive). For instance Quant can tell us for how many people drive blue cars, but it can’t tell us why some people drive blue cars. How attidutes, beliefs, perceptions surround those people who want a blue car.

I had a quaitiatle project that for creating a website for smokers who wanted to quit smoking. I realized that smokers had thier own culture which allowed them to distinguish themselves from non-smokers. So, in order to connect with smokers, we had to understand their subculture to be able to reach them. Theire were a lot of websites that did the same thing, but they didn’t get into the mind of a smoker and how they self identified.

It fascinated me.

There was an aspect of subculture that was of personal importance and became something of a crusade. Mexican subcultures. You see, I am half mexican and grew up surrounded by various forms of mexican subculteres. I didnt identify in th least with any of marketing and advertising that was supposed to be for my own subculture. Later I learned that most of the messaging was created by people who had never set foot in Mexico, weren’t aware of Mexican subcultures, let alone speak the language or understand how the language worked ( or didn’t work). It upset me the way we were overlooked and underserved. So I began to specialized in Qualitative Research for the Hipanic market place.

I decided to shift into creating SEO Content for subcultures. While Qual provides important information, a lsot of it isnt through the lens of online marktiing content. I’ve alway had a need to make myself useful. I felt I could be most useful in the area of SEO content for subculers to help them fing the kind of informtion they need.