Fieldwork Services

Focus Groups
Whether it’s a single or multi market study, CultrDig excels at focus group facilitation. We know how to set up focus groups for a range of location types.  Focus groups can be conducted at focus group facilitation site with 2-way mirrors, or within a less formal and familiar setting such a home residence.  Want to get creative?  We’ve done focus groups in everything from a yoga studio and an indoor riding ring to an outdoor tennis court or an ice fishing house!

Webcam Focus Groups
Need to do focus groups in Boston, Chicago and Dallas?  Unless you have deep pockets, that can be cost-prohibitive.  But you cut those costs way down with webcam focus groups.  All your participants need is a computer, a good connection, a quiet place, and you’ve got a focus group that works every bit as good as an in-person group.  In fact, you can even do a study in Mexico for the same cost too!

Mobile Diaries
Want to get a deep understanding of the special behaviors of the people in your niche market.   Mobile diaries are a great to do that and CultrDig has done many projects using mobile phones for specialized market research studies.

There’s no better way to discover deep, valuable insights than a few hours of full immersion into someone else’s life. The tricky part is following someone around with a video camera without creating an awkward, self-conscious environment. However, after years of ethnography experience, CultrDig has mastered the ability to be a fly on the wall while getting the kind of rich and textural data that leads to great insights.

Online Market Research Software Platforms
CultrDig has no proprietary software platform that we use for every project. We don’t have a partnership with other research platform providers either. With so many innovative, powerful, and exciting software platforms out there, why would we want to do that? Instead, CultrDig is works with a variety of research platforms so we can select the best one to suit your project needs and budget.

Ready For A Fieldtrip?
Whether it’s an entire project or just a part of one, Cultrdig can help you at every step of your niche research needs. Want to. learn more about how you can make smart decisions in a specialized market? Give us a call or or shoot us an email and uncover what CultDig can do for you!

Let’s chat how about how CultrDig can help you find niche market insight treasure in whatever capacity you need! Just email hello@cultrdig or call 646-321-5612.