Post Fieldwork Services

Data Analysis
Need some support with analyzingiing all that data you’ve gathered? CultrDig can assist you with structured coding, statistical analysis, data visualization, text analysis, and more. We have years of experience of creating findings and conclusions from your data which can then be used for informing meaningful insights.

Final Reporting
Who wants to wade through a lenghy and overwrought report besides nobody? CultrDig will take your analaysis to will create a pithey final report for you that is well-structured, and succinct with easy-to-scan important information. CultrDig writes final reports that includes summaries, findings, conclusions, and recommendations.

Keyword Gathering
Qualitative research transcripts are often a great source for discovering high-value specialty market keywords. They cab provide a wealth of keywords and phrases that you may not have not have yet discovered for SEO. Given that specialty markets are based on niche products that are hard to find, it’s imperative to identify the same keywords that your audience will use to look for you.