Set Your Study Up for Success

Pre-Fieldwork Services
How well your niche market study performs depends largely on how well it’s set up. Running out of bandwidth? CultDig will help get your project off to a great start. And when your project is poised to run smoothly, it’ll be  much easier for you to do the rest!

Study Design
CultrDig will create a detailed blueprint that identifies the exact goal that a good niche market study needs to achieve. How that goal will be reached, and what approach(s) will be used to accomplish it.  Methodology use is also provided and includes explanations of methodologies to attain in-depth insight into your niche market.

Recruiting Screeners
A good screener consists of a well devised series of filters written to capture the right and best participants for your niche market research study. Finding the participants you need for understanding a niche market is important in order to inform accurate market insights.

Discussion Guides
Highly thoughtful and thorough scripts help guide conversations or interactions with your niche market research study participants. CultrDig does discussion guides for focus groups, ethnographies, mobile diaries, community bulletin boards and interviews.

Would you like to discuss needs for your support needs for your next project? Email or you can also call CultrDig at 646.321. 5612. We’d love to hear from you!